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Carbon Fiber Shooting Stick 2.0

Stable, lightweight, ergonomic, functional

  • Ideal for still hunting or stalking
  • Height-adjustable from 124 to 198 cm
  • Weighs only 985 grams


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10.000+ happy customers worldwide
Original Blaser. Highest quality.
Weight: 1.2 kg

The Blaser carbon shooting stick takes target safety to a new level

The Blaser Carbon Shooting Stick 2.0 sets new standards. Thanks to the well thought-out, practical hunting optimisations, the aiming stick is not only the ideal solution for a safe shot in difficult conditions, but also even more comfortable to use.

  • Material: Carbon (robust and light)
  • Weight: 985 grams
  • adjustable length from 1.24 meters to 1.98 meters
  • delivery includes bag
  • low-noise foam grips and rubber base pieces
  • ideal for stalking, mountain hunting and driven hunt


The height can be adjusted flexibly and easily via four twist locks.
Pivoting pistol grip to track game at a side range of 20 meters (based on 100 meters shooting distance)

Blaser Carbon shooting stick 2.0: comfortable and with many innovations.

The patented swiveling pistol grip makes it possible to track the drawing game at a range of up to 20 meters (based on 100 meters shooting distance). Thanks to the 2-point rest, the Blaser target stock ensures a safe shot in a wide variety of hunting situations. 

Made of fiber-reinforced carbon, the target stock is extremely robust and has also a low weight of 985 grams. To prevent damages the front fork & mounting pin are magnetically removable.

You can use the carbon shooting stick for stalking, mountain hunting as well as driven hunt. The stick should not be missing in any hunting equipment.

Constant spread
A constant spreading dimension is ensured by a removable and length-adjustable cord.
Safe standing
The elastomer twist locks can be tightened firmly. Thus, the telescopic legs are secured and have a safe stand.
Fixed front fork
A safety slide fixes the front fork and can not be lost on the hunt.

Fix weapon with aiming stick
The front fork can be replaces by a pin to fix the gun with the aiming stick.

New standards in terms of stability, weight, ergonomics and functionality