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Blaser Ultimate Expedition Rucksack
Blaser Ultimate Expedition Rucksack
Hunting rucksack for mountain huntsClever down the last detail! The Blaser Ultimate Expediton combines all the properties that an innovative hunting rucksack needs – the perfect rucksack for all driven and mountain hunts where harvested game has to be retrieved and transported on foot. The key features of this rucksack are the large capacity, a variety of compartments and a high level of functionality; the material is low-noise and water-repellent. The rifle compartment features a rifle sack that folds out downwards, for safe vertical transport of your rifle. The position of the rifle on the hunter’s back – from the hip area to a few centimeters above the head – greatly reduces the risk of becoming entangled in the thicket. The game storage compartment can be opened completely, thanks to a continuous zipper. Once the harvested game has been stowed in the game bag, place the bag in the game compartment. Simply close the rucksack, secure it with the side straps and you are ready for transport! With the aluminum-reinforced ergonomic back section and a clever game storage system, the rucksack is comfortable even with a heavy load. The top-loading & front-loading functions allow access to the rucksack from all sides. An inner mesh compartment makes it easy to keep things tidy in the main compartment. Other compartments offer space for hunting accessories such as ammunition, binoculars, etc. Includes large game bag! The Blaser Ultimate Expedition – the rucksack for professionals on the hunt

£ 310.00