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Reliable companions for extreme conditions

Your passion is hunting in mountainous terrain. You want to face this challenge in every weather situation. Exhausting, sweaty ascents in severe weather conditions, towards the tree line. Climbing through rubble fields, observing and chase the game through mountain pastures, using every rock and bush to hide. Coming closer by crawling through moistness and dirt. Whenever you have to rely on your gear – you only can rely on the best.

Precision Thermo Regulation (PTR-SYSTEM)

PTR is an insulation system that provides a precise balance of heat retention vs. breathability for all stages of the hunt and for all conditions.

Advanced materials, finishings and insulation technologies are combined to perfectly balance heat retention and breathability for different warmth preferences.


Materials were selected based on the best possible ratios in terms of:
• Weight to Durability
• Weight to Stretchability
• Weight to Quietness
• Weight to Packability
The HunTec line is designed for hunters who want to move fast through challenging terrain with a minimal amount of weight.


Freedom of motion redesigned.

The patented solution for hunters.

Active hunting is hunting in motion. Stalking over long distances in challenging terrain, remaining motionless for hours in uncomfortable positions: Because the motion pattern of hunting is so versatile, we use elastic materials and cuts in all layers of the Blaser HunTec collection which are specially developed for hunters. This provides maximum freedom of motion and utmost wearing comfort in any situation. In order to focus on the essential: a successful hunt.

Besides elastic materials, the cut is the secret behind a perfectly working clothing system. Due to the unique cut pattern, which limits seams in critical movement areas, the wearer of the jacket

has unrestricted freedom of motion and a perfect fit.

For example, with the HunTec Shell Jackets, the stretch parts adapt to the insulation and the outer material. In order to make this possible, we have re-engineered the jackets’ cut pattern from scratch. The result: the patent-pending Blaser Outfits HunTec Shell Cut.

The core of this brand new and specially for hunting developed cut pattern is, that the back area of the Shell Jackets is made of only ONE piece. This one pattern piece extends from the front in the upper chest area over the collar to the back and the jacket’s bottom hem. On both sides, it stretches out to the shoulders and down to the tricep area. Thus the pattern piece has NO SEAMS in the back area.

No seams means:

The sum of these properties gives the HunTec Resist 3L, the Venture 3L and the Tranquility Jacket their incomparable wearing comfort and provides a relaxed shooting position which is the best prerequisite for an accurate shot and successful hunting. • no limitations when it comes to the elasticity of the fabric. Especially with waterproof rain jackets, the seams are reduced

in their elasticity, as they are sealed with a waterproof and

nearly inelastic tape.

  • water has almost no chance to enter the jacket
  • no uncomfortable rubbing when wearing a backpack
  • less weight

HunTec Camo – Our Camouflage Gear

To guarantee the best performance when high demands are placed on your gear while hunting in alpine terrain – this was our goal when developing the revolutionary Blaser HunTec collection. Countless information was processed, tests performed under varied light and weather conditions in various terrains to ensure a camo clothing line that will live up to its name – designed for hunters by hunters and made by Blaser. 



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