Blaser leather inlay care kit

The Blaser leather inlay care kit contains everything you need to thoroughly clean and nourish the leather inlays of your Blaser gun. The two highly-effective liquids are easy to apply, ensuring your genuine leather inlays enjoy long service after being thoroughly treated with the moisturiser and antioxidants. The kit contains one bottle of Blaser gentle cleanser and one bottle of nourishing moisturising lotion.

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In order to permanently preserve the soft touch and natural feel of the leather inlays of your hunting gun, the leather needs careful care in the form of nourishment and moisturising. These can only be effective if the pores have first been thoroughly cleaned and freed of impurities. Our Blaser leather inlay care kit contains a gentle cleanser and a nourishing lotion to ensure your leather inlays always look their best. The combination of these two products means the leather is at once gently cleaned and sustainably nourished. The leather is then perfectly moisturised and its colour effectively protected to retain its freshness. The antioxidants in the products will also extend the service life of your leather inlays. Detailed application instructions for both products are provided on the bottles.