Synthetik Stock Care Kit


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The first choice for all synthetic stocks!
Always in use, a synthetic stock also requires optimal care and cleaning. This exactly what the two-step synthetic stock care set provides: The synthetic cleaner purifies gently and deep into the pores because it can be applied much more effectively as a foam with the enclosed brush. The dosage is so minimal that the cleaner is particularly efficient and the matching brush distributes the foam flawlessly. The conditioner provides longs-lasting care and protects against renewed soiling. The included microfiber cloth completes your care program: It cleans lint-free and can also be used for metallic components.
Can be used on soft-touch surfaces with ease.
• Synthetic cleaner (80 ml) as an innovative foam, cleans gently and pore-deep
• Synthetic conditioner(50 ml) provides long-lasting care for the stock
• Brush and microfiber cloth (30 x 40 cm) as a perfect cleaning aid

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