Cartridge Holder

Our Blaser Fast Access Ammo Holder provides lightning-fast access to spare ammunition directly on the firearm.

  • Suited ideally for single shot rifles and combination guns
  • Up to two additional bullets are located directly on the firearm
  • The Fast Access Ammo Holder can be removed with one simple hand movement


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Using an adhesive surface, you can easily fix the Blaser Fast Access Ammo Holder on your firearm yourself – stock and receiver suit this purpose particularly well. Besides the adhesive surface that is stuck on the firearm, the holder consists of two ammunition loops, which are attached by Velcro® fastener. This way, you can access spare ammunition with lightning speed whenever things happen thick and fast. The ammunition loops are compatible with any Standard or Magnum caliber.
Caution: The adhesive surface can only be applied once – repeated mounting decreases the adhesion power. Where the adhesive surface is mounted, the firearm must be cleaned and free of oil. Adhesive residues in case of final dislodging of the Blaser Fast Access Ammo Holder can be removed by hand without causing harm to the firearm’s surface.
Color: black
Product no. 80410860
Weight: 0.1 kg

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