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Robust companions for the Battue 

It is freezing cold, your breath is swirling like clouds and the barking of excited dogs is breaking the silence. Beaters and dog handlers make their way through difficult terrain, dry leaves are cracking on the ground. Steep inclines, dense bushes, thorny shrubs. The forest is rustling, the game is in motion. It is driven hunt season! And it is time for a brand new collection: The Field & Forest line is made for tough use when tracking wounded game, as a walking gun or while being out in the field. Extremely durable, weatherproof and breathable fabrics control the microclimate. Stretch inserts ensure maximum freedom of motion providing utmost wearing comfort at any time.

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  • Against snagging while moving through the fields or in the forest past shrubs, bushes and branches.
  • Highly abrasion-resistant.

Freedom of Motion

  • Stretch fabrics inserted into those areas where there is a high elasticity need.
  • Best elasticity to durability ratio in the placement of stretch fabric.

Waterproofness / Breathability

  • Waterproof pants for stalking through wet, high grass.
  • Reliable weather protection for changing weather conditions.
  • Optimum breathability for active hunting.
  • Ventilation for warmer conditions and high activity.


Frabic Technology

  • The fabrics selected for our Field & Forest collection originate and are actively used in workwear and military use. • The Field & Forest styles are made from the very durable base fabric
  • OXFORD NYLON 6.6. • 100 % CORDURA® is body mapped in all high-abrasion and snagging prone zones like knees, shins and lower arms. The result: hardly no snagging and abrasion! • Zones that require freedom of motion and toughness feature
  • STRETCH CORDURA® fabric.
  • Kevlar is extremely abrasion- and tear-resistant. It reinforces the lower leg area, making it ideal for combing through dense undergrowth.

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