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Blaser Ultimate Bipod Set

The ultra-stable support for long shots

  • Maximum stability
  • Incl. bipod and forearm end adapter
  • Feet adjustable in length and angle of inclination


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Official shop
First hand customer support
10.000+ happy customers worldwide
Original Blaser. Highest quality.

Reliable and lightweight Aiming Accessory

Developed from practical experience, extremely stable and quick to mount – the Blaser Ultimate BiPod for the Blaser R8 Ultimate or R8 Professional Success is a reliable and light- weight aiming accessory for accurate shooting.

Carry with Ease

Thanks to its spigot adapter and swapping out the forearm tip, the BiPod can be quickly attached and folded together under the barrel so you can carry your rifle with ease.

Maximum Stability

The spigot adapter designed for the BiPod can be easily mounted and removed as necessary with a bayonet mount. The detent allows the legs to be moved to the desired position. For maximum stability, the BiPod is secured with a clamping lever.

Stable and flexible shooting platform

The ultimate set of bipod and forearm end adapter! This sophisticated design is particularly suitable for long-range shooters, both on the hunt and on the shooting range: High-quality materials, precise CNC milling and the connection via a stable spigot ensure an optimal support for heavy weapons with long barrels and scopes, which have a high overall weight. For the greatest possible flexibility and maximum stability!

Stable connection
The spigot, which is firmly screwed to the forearm end adapter, is fixed to the center of the bipod by a locking mechanism. The center of gravity of the rifle is thus located between the feet of the bipod, making the barrel extremely stable. After locking, the rifle and bipod form a single unit.

Adjustable feet in height and inclination
The spring-loaded feet are adjustable in height between 18.5 and 28.5 cm. By briefly lifting the bipod and applying slight pressure to the feet, they extend by spring. This is especially convenient because you can easily adjust the bipod to the height you need from the sitting or lying position you are already in. The feet are also adjustable in tilt angle to compensate for uneven terrain or to angle the gun up or down for a shot. Adjustment is made in detents with predefined tilt angles of 0°, 45°, 90°, 135° and 180°. Metal spikes are located under the rubber covers on the feet for a secure stand.

Practical handling
Another highlight: The spring-loaded feet can be folded and locked in the direction of the barrel for transport. This allows the bipod to remain on the weapon when you want to continue stalking, but points in the extended direction of the barrel so that you do not get stuck or obstructed unnecessarily. Pleasantly light: The anodized aluminum body and the carbon feet ensure low weight combined with excellent stability. The carbon material also provides additional recoil absorption.
The set consists of two parts - the bipod and the forearm end adapter. The adapters are available in three different sizes for the "Standard", "Semiweight/Jagdmatch" and Silence barrel variants. The bipod set is compatible with the R8 Ultimate, Ultimate Silence, Professional and Professional Success.
The ultimate bipod set for heavy weapons and long-range shooters! Stable, flexible, must-have!

Technical data
Weight: 445g
Material of body: Aluminum
Material of feet: Carbon
Spread of legs, retracted: 24.5 cm/9.5"
Spread of legs, extended: 28 cm/11
Minimum length of the legs: 18.5 cm/7.3"
Maximum length of the legs: 28.5 cm/11.2"
Angles: 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, 180° 
Rotatable:  +/- 10°
Stand width min:  24.5 cm/9.5" 
Stand width max:  30.5 cm/12"

Product no. 80409758
Weight: 0.15 kg